Thursday, April 19, 2018

4/18/2018 Notes vs. Milwauke Brewers

The Reds lose...again.  Are you surprised?  Would you been even more surprised if I told you that they got shut out for the second day in a row despite a 10 run outburst two days prior?  No?  Ah, well, join the club!

So let's get to the nitty gritty of this poorly played baseball game by the Cincinnati Reds, shall we?

The Positives

- Tyler Mahle allowed 2 runs in 5 innings pitched while striking out 6 batters.  He pitched out of a few jams throughout those 5 innings.  That is an improvement compared to his last outing.

- The Bullpen continued to be a strong suit for the Reds with Brice, Peralta, and Hughes all pitching an inning of scoreless work.

- The team strikeouts were down.  This seems to be the only positive from the offensive output that I can fathom coming from this game.

- No fielding errors!

- Pennington and Gosselin didn't start at 3B over Blandino.

- Beautiful double-play turned by Blandino and Gennett.

The Negatives

Here we go...

- Mahle struck out six, but walked four batters.  His jams (in which he pitched out of) were started by him in most instances.  On top of that, he could only get through 5 innings with 100 pitches and that seems to be the norm for him starting the 2018 season.  To go with consistency, the staff of pitching coaches needs to work with him on pitching deeper into games, or this bullpen will be extremely overtaxed like it has been in recent years.

- The offense put up 3 hits and didn't score a single run for the second consecutive day.  This is all while coming off a game two nights ago in which they plated 10 runs.  This offense is extremely inconsistent.  In fact, it's almost bipolar in nature.  Most nights they don't look like they have any drive or motivation.  They made Kyle Davies look like the second coming of Greg Maddux today.  Yesterday, they made Guerra look like Roger Clemens.  That guy was throwing pitches right down the middle of the plate and they couldn't hit them.

- Tucker Barnhart is the only player on this team with an OPS above .700.  Luis Castillo is batting better than the vast majority of this team when he plays.  That's simply unsustainable for any sort of team that plans on winning.  Unless, of course, you're lying to your fan base and don't really plan on winning.

- Amir Garrett is still not in the starting rotation.

I may have missed a few things here, but what was your take?

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